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Candid Views of Butterflies

Here are some of the butterflies I've encountered on my photographic journies this Spring. I might have taken more except it's a lot harder to photograph animals than plants, simply because they're harder to find and they don't hold still!

orange spotted butterfly

This butterfly was very cooperative and gave me plenty of good shots. In fact, it almost seemed like it was posing!

orange spotted butterfly

Below is one that unfortunately didn't come out too clear but was about as good as it could be. This butterfly almost never held still and rarely landed. Plus it was very small so this is a very large magnification. Too bad, this could have been a great shot. There was a larger yellow type that virtually never landed. Most of these pictures were taken in a field next to my apartments. There weren't a lot of wildflowers to see there but it turned out to be a good butterfly viewing location.

little yellow butterfly

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