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Hello and welcome to this portion of my website. Here you'll find a carefully crafted assemblage of some of my favorite nature photography. The pictures you'll be seeing here were taken during 2001 in and around the San Antonio area plus a few from the mountains of my hometown of El Paso. This year was an especially good year for wildflower photography due to the ideal growing conditions caused by abundant Winter and Spring rains. In the course of my journeys, I've captured images of over 100 species of wildflower and perhaps a couple of dozen species of butterfly. If you enjoy scenic beauty, I believe you'll enjoy what I have to show you here. Take a few minutes to click through my subpages. If it's too much for you to look through at one sitting, please come back anytime and of course, be on the lookout for new material!

aminated butterflies

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The Flowers:

wildflowers wildflowers pg2 Flowers 3

wildflowers pg4 Flowers 5 Flowers 6

wildflowers pg7 wildflowers pg 8 to flower index

The butterflies:

butterflies, 1st group butterflies, 2nd group Section 3

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Fyi: All photographs depicted on this website, including photo-backgrounds and all html webpage-design documents are the work of me! Works that aren't originally mine are all commercial links and animated gifs (=>free clipart).-Rich A, the webmaster and roadside gardener extraordonaire.